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135 NANO-EX Wedder RP (0.1 Micron)

Exports of automotive components is a very critical task which requires specialized Rust Preventive Packaging schemes in synergism with highly effective rust preventive oils. RUSTX-EX Export Grade oils have chemicals that give higher, faster and longer duration of protection to the metallic components from saline atmospheres during sea transportation as well as long term storage. RUSTX oils contain VCI chemicals, which work in contact phase as well as in the vapor phase and protect components by its dual action.

 Product Export Grade Viscosity @ cSt @ 40°C Specific Gravity Flash Point (before application) Flash Point (After application) Volatiles by % (by weight) Film thickness Pour Point Colour
135 NANO-EX Wedder RP (0.1 Micron) 135 A – EX 40 cSt 0.78 – 0.86 <100°C   220°C   <1 %   6-8 microns   Below -5°C  Amber Clear